Healthy food for a healthy life!

■Keep your calories low with our “bean curd lees Konjac” vegetarian meat, even if you eat a lot!

■Fry it, bake it, mince it, and enjoy the feeling of eating meat, without meat!

Although both bean curd lees and konjac are known to contain a lot of dietary fiber, there are many differences between them.

▼Bean curd lees dietary fibers are “insoluble dietary fibers” that cannot be dissolved in water. They quickly take up room in the stomach, giving a feeling of satiety even in small quantities. They also give some stimulation to the inner wall of the intestines are they pass through, resulting in smooth bowel movements.

▼On the other hand, konjac dietary fibers are “water soluble dietary fibers” that dissolve in water and turn into a gel that absorbs both sugar and fat, preventing blood sugar levels from quickly rising and slowing down fat absorption. By eating bean curd lees and konjac, you get both kinds of dietary fibers, improving your bowel movements and preventing the onset of various lifestyle-related diseases. It is a very health product good for people who are on a diet.